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How to Apply



Student Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Student Lives With:required
We have a court ordered custody agreement.required


First Name
Last Name
First Name
Last Name


Students are not required to be Catholic to enroll at ABVM.

Has your child been baptized?
Received First Reconciliation (Catholic)?
Received Confirmation (Catholic)?


Does the student have siblings already attending ABVM?required
In the two previous school years, has the student been absent from school more than 10 times?required
Has the student been suspended or expelled or removed from a school, childcare service, or other educational program?required
Has the student been withdrawn from a school, childcare service, or other educational program?required
Has the student ever been identified as having special leaning/behavioral/emotional needs or have another diagnosis that could affect the student academically?required
Has the student qualified for Early Intervention or any other special services?required
Does the student currently have an IEP?required
Is the student planning to be evaluated for an IEP or 504 plan? required
Has the student received learning support in either reading or math?required
Has your child ever been retained in any grade level or was retention recommended by a previous educational program? required
I understand and verify that all information on this application and all other accompanying forms is truthful, accurate and complete.  I understand and give my permission for my child's previous school, child care, or intermediate unit, or other educational program to be contacted for verification of information or to provide a reference. I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee my child admission to Assumption BVM School.