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Our Mission

Welcome to St. Peter School!

The mission of Saint Peter School is to educate the whole child.  We strive to provide each child with the opportunity of a Catholic education regardless of his/her socio-economic status.  We set high expectations for students and motivate them to achieve success.  We guide our students to become Christians with a social conscience who are able to interweave the intellectual with the spiritual, thus creating a better world for their future.

La misión de la escuela San Pedro es de educar al niño completo. Aspiramos a propiciar que cada niño tenga una educación católica a pesar de su estado socioeconómico. Establecemos expectativas altas para nuestros alumnos y los motivamos para lograrlas. Guiamos a nuestros alumnos para ser cristianos con una conciencia social para entretejer lo intelectual con lo espiritual, para crear un mundo mejor para su futuro. 

We believe that:

  • Christian values such as mutual respect, service, and hospitality towards all are instrumental in the development of the whole child.
  • Every child can achieve success.
  • All cultures are welcome, and therefore, we offer communication in Spanish by a bilingual staff. 
  • Academic, sports, and cultural activities contribute to form a well- rounded student. 
  • The skills learned now are essential to the child's development as a life-long learner. 
  • The family, school, parish, and community, as well as the student share the responsibility in the formation of a citizen-minded individual. 
  • A healthy work ethic, along with perseverance, contributes to overall success. 
  • A safe, secure Christian-centered learning environment attributes to the necessary growth and development for each child.

Creemos que:

  • Los valores cristianos como el respeto mutuo, el servicio y la hospitalidad hacia todos son fundamentales en el desarrollo completo del niño.

  • Todos los alumnos pueden tener éxito. 

  • Se acoge a toda cultura y se ofrece la comunicación en español por medio del personal administrativo.

  • Las actividades académicas, deportivas y culturales contribuyen a formar un niño completo.

  • Las destrezas que se aprenden ahora son claves para el desarrollo del niño como un aprendiz de toda la vida. 

  • La familia, la escuela, la parroquia y la comunidad, tanto como el alumno, comparten la responsabilidad en la formación de un alumno ciudadano. 

  • Una ética saludable de trabajo, tanto como la perseverancia, aporta el éxito total. 

  • Un ambiente seguro que promueve un aprendizaje centrado en Cristo atribuye al crecimiento y al desarrollo necesario para cada alumno.


St. Peter School is an inner-city, multicultural Catholic parish school dedicated to the ministry of educating students. The motto of the parish, “Unity in Diversity,” is a proclamation that welcomes everyone. 

Inspired by the charism of the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the students are taught that God invites them to live in an intimate relationship with Him, nurtured through prayer and participation in the sacramental life of the Church. The spiritual nature and the formation of Christian values are fostered in the students as they develop an active and living faith. All students are called to a life of prayer, love, service, courtesy, and hospitality. This commitment is reflected in our school motto:

In this school 
Jesus is the Center
And Mary, the Model

As a team, the teachers, parents, principal, priests, and auxiliary personnel guide the students to become independent, loving people who are responsible for their own actions. The students learn to understand and appreciate the value of community as they experience love, trust, and loyalty in the school. They learn to treat all persons as brothers and sisters created by God. 

Supported by the living presence of the Risen Jesus, the students are motivated to develop as social-minded Christians who have a commitment to community and a desire to give of themselves generously in service to others.

 The school operates within the guidelines of the Catholic Church, the Diocese of Allentown, the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The students are presented with grade appropriate subject matter in a logical manner giving consideration to the differences in ability, thus promoting a positive attitude that fosters learning to its fullest.

 In the dawn of the 21st century, St. Peter School operates as an extension of the family in calling the students to think critically, to make decisions wisely and to recognize themselves as gifts from God.